On 22.01.2015 the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture has put the new wolf management plan into force, according to which up to 29 wolves can be killed this year for "population management". The Wildlife Agency claims, according to EU legislation, "population management" hunting is legal if a management plan exists, the conservation status is not worsened and no other satisfactory solutions exist.

I recently wrote an article about the "wolf-problem" in Finland. Calling the current situation a "problem" is meanwhile a vast understatement. There is an outright war going on between wolf-haters and animal protection people. The situation has excessively escalated and is extremely volatile - so volatile that threats are being made, even within the own ranks, e.g. there have been cases where militant animal protection activists have actually threatened more moderate animal protection people...

But how did it come to that?

Since earliest childhood, I am fascinated by wolves. I have read pretty much every German and English book, study and article about wolves and - of course - watched pretty much every documentary about them too. At younger age, I also had the privilege to meet wolves in research stations and sanctuaries up close.