Stefan Gofferje


Suomenkielen versio tulee pian...

Stefan isn't your average big-city tree-hugger. For once, he is ex career military, he eats meat (and likes it!), he likes to take overly long showers and when he was still smoking, he left more than one cigarette butt in the woods. He also spent a reasonably big part of his life in small places, including places with large-predator populations - thanks to his mother working for German Development Service.

Since earliest childhood, Stefan is fascinated by wolves and has read pretty much every fact book and watched every documentary there is about these great and highly social predators. In his teens, he had his first personal encounters with a pack living in captivity in Switzerland. Later, visits to sanctuaries and parks, among others in the USA, followed where Stefan met more wolves in captivity but also encountered wild wolves up close. His studies and experiences with wolves also helped him a lot when he worked as a trainer for protection- and narcotics dogs and later helped people with so-called "problem dogs" in his spare time.

Stefan lives in Finland since 2007 and also here, he already had a few encounters with wolves in the wild - needless to say that neither he nor his dogs were attacked or even threatened during those encounters.

stefan and kimoWhen it comes to classic nature conservation societies, Stefan's views are rather dim. In his opinion, those organizations are too busy administrating themselves and their members too busy with internal politics and with writing angry discussions in internet forums and on facebook. While sitting on sometimes significant budgets - says Stefan - the classic organizations just don't get anything done.

While not being excessively combative, Stefan is still more of a "direct action" than a "let's discuss about everything and just be angry" type of guy. With this being his main reason for founding this website, another point which is important to him is to try to break the hardened fronts between the sides in the Finnish "wolf wars" and substitute confrontation with education and information.

Despite being ex career military, Stefan prefers to use his mind in a conflict rather than the sword - still being equally proficient with the latter, should the need arise.