19-years-old Sara went into an enclosure with wild wolves to make a point to her countrymen.

The wolf conflict in Finland is raging as high as never before. Not a day goes by without some self-proclaimed specialist or newspaper publishing an article about why wolves in Finland are so bad or why they aren't even wolves and thus don't deserve protection.

Fed up with rumors and hysteria, Sara, a normal 19-years-old countryside girl from Eastern Finland, goes on a journey to the Wolfcenter in Germany. Together with director Frank Fass, she visits 4 wild gray wolves in their enclosure to learn about the true nature of those highly intelligent and social predators and how they react to humans.

After a fascinating and very respectful encounter with the gray wolves, Sara also gets the chance to meet 16-weeks-old Hudson Bay wolf pups and howls with them together.

Accompanying Sara with a camera is Susilauma editor and amateur film maker Stefan Gofferje. The documentary "Tyttö ja sudet" - "The girl and the wolves" will be available later this autumn.


Trailer for the film "Tyttö ja sudet" - "The girl and the wolves"




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