According to an internal document of the Finnish Wildlife Agency, "social reasons" such as "fear" or "feeling of insecurity and preparedness" are sufficient reasons to grant a derogation to kill a wolf in Finland.

poikkeusluvatSusilauma received an internal Wildlife Agency presentation, probably for internal educational purposes, about granting derogations and exempt permissions for the killing of large carnivores. The second page shows a table with an overview of situations, possible actions and the legal foundation. The area of responsibility of the Wildlife Agency is marked with a blue frame. Right at the start it says under syy (justification) turvallisuus, sosiaaliset syyt, yleisen edun kannalta pakottavat syyt ("PIHASUDET"), which means 'safety/security, social reasons, compelling reasons for the common good ("YARDWOLVES")'. Under characterization (luonnehdinta), it lists Aiheutta pelkoa, turvattomuutta ja varautumistoimenpiteitä. Translated, that means 'causes fear, sense of insecurity and preparedness.'

Instead of sufficiently educating the public and creating programs to reduce fear and raise more sympathies for wolves, the Finnish government obviously prefers simply killing them.




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