Today, Maggie Howell, Executive Director of the New York -based Wolf Conservation Center, and one of the world's most active and successful wolf conservationists, celebrates her birthday.

Being with the Wolf Conservation Center since 2005, first as Managing director and taking the helm as Executive Director in 2013, Maggie has done incredible work, raising awareness and sympathies for the endangered species wolf in the USA and worldwide. Every child in the US knows (or should know) the WCC's beautiful and gentle ambassador wolf Atka with whose help, Maggie even managed to win hill politicians to the side of the wolves.

Fittingly, just a day before her birthday, the WCC's facebook page crossed the magical 2 million likes barrier and with that is practically on par with huge worldwide organizations like Greenpeace (2,129,337 likes) or the WWF (2,207,998 likes). What better testimony to Maggie's work?

The team of and all Finnish wolf conservationists and -friends wish Maggie a great Happy Birthday. You are an inspiration for us all!




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